What is a Client?

Once you've set up an account and logged in for the first time, you'll need to set up a Client.

You can think of Clients as a group of sources and feeds.

For example if you're responsible for content on multiple websites you can set up each website as a Client so you can easily see which sources and feeds belong to which website. You can then invite other users to manage sources and feeds within each of your Clients so you don't need to give out your master login.

Similarly, if you're a web design agency you would set up a Client for each of your real-life clients and invite them to manage their own sources and feeds. This keeps you in control but gives your clients the flexibility to set up and manage their own data.

Inviting a new user to one of your clients

The user you're adding must have already registered an account.

  1. Click the Edit link on the Client you're adding a user to
  2. Under the Users heading, enter the email they used to sign up, then hit the Add button

If you want to remove a user in the future just hit the Remove button next to their name