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Setting up a Facebook Source

To set up a Facebook source you must be an admin of the page you're pulling from.

  • Start by creating a Source and setting the type to Facebook
  • Hit the Save button, then hit the Login with Facebook button and follow the prompts that Facebook shows
    (if it asks which pages to allow just tick all of them to save time later)
  • Once you're back, verify that it now has an Access Token and enter your Facebook Page's ID (see here), then hit the Save button

Behind-the-scenes the posts will be pulled and your Source's status will change to "Active"

I've successfully gotten an access token but my posts aren't being fetched?

If you grant access to Pace Aggregator then get added to another Facebook Page, Pace Aggregator won't have access to those new pages and hitting the Login with Facebook button won't seem to do anything.

To fix this you'll need to grant access to those pages manually:

  1. Open up Facebook and go to Settings & Privacy > Settings
  2. Navigate to Security and Login > Business Integrations
  3. In the Active tab, click "View and edit" on the Pace Aggregator
  4. Enable everything that's there for all your pages, then hit Save